Commercial Property Insurance

Property Insurance is designed to cover most physical properties your business owns including physical copies of company records which are often stored onsite. Property Insurance covers all costs related to the business property.<br />

Commercial Property Insurance

Types of Claims:

Natural Disasters
Revenue Loss
Construction Cost
Equipment Breakdown

What does it cover?

Property Insurance covers physical documents, office equipment, buildings, mechanical equipment.
For small businesses operating online - computers would be considered a business property.
Property Insurance covers for lost or damaged as the result of natural disaster, criminal mischief or any other event beyond your control.
Property Insurance Cover the cost of replacements, repairs, lost of income, building cost, and can even cover higher cost due to inflation.

What is not covered?

Commercial Vehicles
Property that was not purchased for the business
Amounts beyond the agreed value of the property
Property intentionally damaged by the business owner or employees
Property damage resulting from employee error
Personal assets that may be used by the business
Employee wages as a result of lost revenue due to property loss or damage
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